The Seven Keys of Alaesha

Edith Myers has just about had enough. Her first day at a new school and she already has an enemy – Dana Blake, head cheerleader, tormenter, typical prom queen. But when Edith discovers a strange key, she finds herself embroiled in an inter-dimensional war. She and Dana must find a way to work together, or it could spell the end of the other world, and theirs.

Charles has spent centuries protecting the doors to his homeworld, Alaesha, but when he meets Edith, the quiet, quirky girl who stumbled upon a key, he must decide between saving his way of life and saving her.

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Blood of the Dragon
Conquered and enslaved, the dragons of Layr live in fear. Their allies are banished, declared outlaws and forced out of human society. With the birth of a rare dragon, descendant of the long-defeated dragon king, a young keeper in the dragon hatchery finds herself as the hatchling's protector. Enlisting the help of her best friend, a fire-throwing Gypsy, and an invisible being, she confronts a tyranny that has reigned for more than three centuries.

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Winds from the North (Sequel to Blood of the Dragon)
The queen is dead. The dragons are finally free. But was their freedom worth the cost?

While the Council of Man and Beast struggles to gain control over the fractured land, Lana wages her own struggle against the ghosts of her past.

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Vampire Assassin (Jane #1)
All vampires deal with their immortality different. Jane decided to make her extra pointy teeth work in her favor. She hires herself out for a good cause, as a vampire assassin. In this 15,000 word novella (part 1 of the Jane series), she takes you with her on one of her jobs and through the intriguing tale about how she became immortal.

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New Blood (Jane #2)
In the second book of the series, Jane struggles to cope with her new life as a vampire. With the help of a priest, a dog groomer, and an assassin, she attempts to come to terms with what she has become and find her purpose in the world. This novella runs approximately 20,000 words.

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Blood and Tears (Jane #3)

Jane's back! And she's not alone. Someone is creating new vampires and Father Bellini has hand-picked a crack team to find out who's responsible and take them down.

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Redemption (Jane #4)

After the final battle in Blood & Tears, Jane's team struggles with the death of one of their own. When things get too tough, they call in reinforcements--the Italian military. Will the extra men and women help Jane, Felipe, and the others defeat Conrad and his minions? Or will the rogue vampires finally win?

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Til Death (Jane #5)

Jane and Felipe have conquered one of the worst vampire plagues in recent history. Now they're ready to start their new life in America. But as is often the case, life is rarely all wine and roses as Jane's past comes back to haunt her.

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Blood Moon (Jane #6)

Jane just got married and she couldn't be happier. She's surrounded by her best friends and things are looking bright. But there's one problem: they're outcasts and hunted by the Vampire Council. Can an alliance with a strange new ally be their saving grace? Or will it spell doom for them all?

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This is the print collection of Vampire Assassin, New Blood, and Blood and Tears.

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