Friday, February 25, 2011

Surf's Up

The sun was just coming up. The top edge peeked over the horizon as the waves crashed along the shore. The young woman stood in the sand, barefoot with her jeans rolled up to her knees. She stared at the water, watching the orange and pink reflection shimmer on the surface. In her hand, she clutched a blue leash. Her dog, a black lab named Jack, chased a crab through the surf, darting in to snap at the red creature before barking and backing away.

The woman looked down the beach. Two boys in black body suits were running toward the waves, surfboards tucked under their arms. They were shouting at each other. She couldn't understand the words, but she knew they were thrilled that the waves were so perfect and the sky was clear. She watched as they both dove into the water, racing each other to get to the breakers.

The slamming of a car door brought her attention around to her right. An older couple was getting out of their car up on the boardwalk. She watched them as they made their way down the long, zig-zagging ramp to the beach.

With them came a small, white yappy dog. She didn't much care for those dogs, but Jack loved them. He abandoned his pursuit of the crab and raced to greet the newcomer. The two dogs frolicked along the sand, chasing each other in circles and getting covered in the fine dirt.

The man and his wife walked up to the young woman. "Good morning."


She nodded her head in their direction and they joined her in watching the brigthening sky. They stood there for more than half an hour, watching the sun come up as more surfers rushed to catch a couple waves before work. Eventually, the dogs tired and joined their masters.

Patting the lab's head, the man said, "You ready for breakfast, hon?"

"Sure, dad." The young woman snapped the leash onto Jack's collar before slipping her arm into her father's. Her mother picked up the yipping white dog and together they all walked along the beach toward the pier.

**Origin of the story: There are 15-minute writing dashes at Milk Wood in Second Life every day at 5amSLT and 6:30pmSLT. This story is from the 2-25-11 morning dash, using the prompt "surf."**

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