Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Market Your eBook

I've seen this question asked a lot, and I've seen some decent posts about it, but none seem extremely comprehensive. The truth is, there's no one right way to do it. Different techniques work for different people. The only thing that doesn't work is publishing the book and expecting people to flock to it without doing any legwork. So below, I've listed all the ways I'm marketing my book right now. The main thing to keep in mind is that there's no such thing as an overnight success. It will take time to build sales and a name. Patience and persistence are absolutely key.

  • FaceBook- Make sure you set up an author page, not just your personal profile.
  • Twitter- There's a big community of authors that chat in various ways. Get involved.
  • Amazon's Author Central- Make sure your profile is filled out with a pic (doesn't necessarily have to be you, but the reader wants to see something more exciting than the gray human outline), and that all your books are linked. If people like one book, they'll want to read your others. Make it easy for them to find.
  • Blog- Make a blog, be active with it. Personalize it. Put links to your books on it. Blogger offers a free site that you can get pretty customized with. They even let you make different pages, such as a special page for your books and an About Me. Don't ignore the About Me page. Readers want to know about the authors. Don't tell them what you eat for breakfast every morning, but don't stay shrouded in mystery.
  • Friends and family- Encourage them to share with friends, etc. This has been my best method. They do my work for me pretty well. Thanks guys!!
  • Review bloggers- I haven't had much luck with these guys yet, but I just started. This is where Hocking had great success.
  • Signatures- All over the place. Put your book links as your signature EVERYWHERE. Forums, email, etc. It's free and requires no effort aside from initial setup.
  • Encourage reviews from those people you know have bought it, but don't expect them to give a stellar review and don't be offended if they don't like it. Let them be honest. I know as a reader, I tend to be drawn to books that already have reviews, even if the reviews aren't the best. I see that the book has been read, and I want to be in on the party. And I'm afraid to waste money on an untested item. Reviews help, a lot.
  • Giveaways- Do you have a paperback version? Set up a contest and offer a free signed copy to the winner. Or offer a fun gadget or gift card if it's just an eBook. One idea is to have people send you the receipt for each book of yours that they purchase and each receipt gets their name entered.
  • Local businesses- Will the local coffee shop let you put a sign up or a few paperbacks on the counter? What about a locally-owned bookstore? Local shops love local artists. Work with those in your area. 
  • Passive advertisement and patience will net you results in the long run. Be active in forums and on blogs that you follow, be helpful (don't be a dick. That'll get you nowhere), and put your information in your sig. Many will click, some will buy. It'll add up in the end.

This is my current list, but it's constantly evolving. If I find a new marketing method, I'll be sure to add it. Have a suggestion I didn't mention? Pop it in the comments!!


  1. Love this list of yours Mariyta! Some good tips on there.
    Someone said once that marketing a book is like running a marathon. You can get far with slower more diliberate steps. Forget about sprinting it, that will get you nowhere.

  2. Thank you! Even though I'm new to the indie publishing game, I've already learned that it's almost better to be the tortoise than the hare. Patience is key, otherwise disappointment will get the best of you.

  3. Thanks for your reply on the forum, and there is one thing that I would add to this list. Follow the blogs of folks who give out good advice: I followed your blog a while back, the first time I saw this list.

    Thanks again

  4. Great post Mariyta! I'll keep an eye out for more information and any new ideas you come across. You definately hit the nail on the head on these :).

  5. Thank you, Diana & Justin! Diana, I totally agree that following blogs is an excellent suggestion. Not only do you learn from them, but you can participate in discussions in the comments and make friends. Building your connections with people is a more effective marketing strategy than strict advertising, I believe. :)

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