Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Description Revamp for Blood of the Dragon

So I'm in the process of creating a more catchy description for my novel, Blood of the Dragon. Below is the old description and the new description. Which do you like best? Have any suggestions on improvements?

Old Description
Three centuries ago, Sigurd, King of Dragons, was defeated by Aron, self-proclaimed King of All. Now, the dragon race is enslaved, the Gypsies outlawed, and the Hidden banished. Humans live in poverty and fear of Princess Slyvania and her evil sidekick, Commander Locke.

But hope remains. Sigurd's son, Ychthorn, held in stasis for 300 years, is ready to embark on a journey with four friends to bring freedom and peace to the oppressed kingdom. Will they succeed in their mission? Or will the wicked princess and her minions bring the group to their knees?

New Description 
Conquered and enslaved, the dragons of Layr live in fear. Their allies, the Gypsies and Hidden, are banished, declared outlaws and forced out of human society. But the birth of a red dragon, descendent of Sigurd, the long-defeated dragon king, brings a new hope to the land. Can Ychthorn and his closest friends bring freedom to the oppressed races? Or will the wicked princess Slyvania and her evil minions destroy Layr's only hope for peace?

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