Monday, May 2, 2011

Win a free signed copy of Blood of the Dragon and a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Do you like to write? Create a short story between now and May 31st and win a free signed copy of my debut full-length novel Blood of the Dragon and a $10 Amazon gift card. The story must be between 1,000 and 5,000 words and feature dragons as the theme. My favorite 5 will be posted here for my fans to judge and a winner will be chosen. The runner-up will receive a free copy of the book for either Kindle or Nook (the platform of your choice. If you've already purchased the ebook, you can choose one of my others instead).  Please email submissions to and paste the story in the body of the email along with your name and preferred email address (Sorry, I don't accept attachments. They're too scary.). I will contact the winner to get their shipping information. The winner will also get the option of having their story included in the back of my next ebook (with full credit, of course). Questions? Email me!


  1. Great idea for a contest! And thanks for being a writer who pays it forward!

  2. It's my pleasure! I really just love reading other people's stories! :)


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