Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Saying Goodbye to the Sun

Saying Goodbye to the SunSaying Goodbye to the Sun is David McAfee's first novel. I discovered it where I discover many an excellent new novel: Kindleboards. I believe it was in a thread where he posted that it had finally become free. I'd already spent my budget for the month and figured I'd try it before I picked up another of his novels that I'm interested in, 33 A.D. I'm very glad I did.

Brief Summary: Saying Goodbye to the Sun is a first-person story following Vincent, a young man who meets a beautiful woman one night and finds his life turned upside down. Raine is unlike any woman Vincent has ever met, and she actually seems to like him. But she has a secret: she's a vampire. After he finally hunts her down, she does the unthinkable by turning him into a vampire. That is forbidden, and now he has to either track her down and bring her in for punishment, or risk punishment himself.

Why You Should Read It: McAfee goes back to tradition in this novel. There are no sparkly, vegetarian vampires who only want to live peacefully with the humans. They are killers, and they make no bones about it. Despite the fact that you know essentially what happened to Vincent from the very beginning of the novel, I found myself eager to find out how he was turned, why Raine had two very angry men chasing after her, and whether Vincent would do the council's bidding or try to save the woman he loves. I didn't realize this was McAfee's first novel until I read a note from him at the back of the book, and if I hadn't read it, I wouldn't have believed it. This is a very engaging, intriguing book and it was very well written. I'm excited to read more from this author.

Rating: ☻☻☻☻

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