Friday, July 29, 2011

Beta Readers Wanted!

As I work through the sequel to Blood of the Dragon, I want to get everyone thinking about the next step in the process. Before I send Vengeance (working title) to the editor, I want to get a couple people to look over it and let me know what they think. Guidelines are below.

1. Obviously, it would be helpful if you've read Blood of the Dragon first.
2. I'm not looking for editing/proofreading.
3. Keep an eye out for major plot holes, confusing story lines, accidental name changes, etc.
4. Is the story boring? Does it tie in with Blood? Would it be something you'd want to pay for?
5. I'm looking for honesty. Don't be an ass, but don't kiss my ass.
6. You must be available to read starting around the middle of September. I need input by the middle of October. 

Basically, I'm looking for readers who will give me an honest opinion of the book. Interested? Shoot me an email ( Thanks in advance to everyone!

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