Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great Indie Summer Giveaway - Blog Posts

I've already mentioned the Great Indie Summer Giveaway before. It is a massive giveaway being held over at Katja Rinne's blog: Coffeemugged. More than 100 books have been offered (including one of mine) and the winner will walk away with 10. Full details are available here.

Now, onto today's business. There have been numerous guest posts throughout the Indie Summer giveaway, and they've all been wonderful. Many of them I think everyone should read, so I've included a list below with the link and a short summary. I hope you enjoy them, and don't forget to check out the posts that will be coming on Coffeemugged over the next couple weeks. The giveaway goes until July 31st!

Day 3- Reach for the Stars by Stacy Eaton
In this post, Eaton discusses the importance of reviews. It is very easy as a reader to read a book, maybe tell a couple friends how great it was, and leave it at that. Reviews are sometimes a pain to write, or at least they are for me. If I could review every book I want to review as "It was awesome!" and leave it, I would. But that's not very helpful. Anyhoo, Eaton makes some very excellent points about why you should leave reviews, especially for those books you absolutely love or absolutely hate. Not only do the authors rely on it, the readers often use reviews to make a final decision.

Day 5- One Author's Story Triggers by Misti Wolanski
Seeing the process of story development is always interesting. Each author has a different method, and each story tends to evolve differently. Wolanski discusses her YA fantasy novels.

Day 9- In Praise of Book Bloggers by Christine Nolfi
Nolfi's guest post covers the wonders of the book blogger world. I'm just recently discovering this myself, and let me tell you, it's amazing. There are loads of book bloggers out there for every genre possible (and some do all genres). I've listed a couple in my Useful Links under Reviewing.

Day 13- Worldbuilding by Paul Hardy
Fantasy and science fiction authors have a unique hurdle to jump--they have to create the world their characters live in. Paul Hardy uses some very... interesting subjects (feces and urine) to discuss the interesting facets that need to be dealt with in worldbuilding.

Day 17- Adventures in Inappropriate Content by Pavarti Tyler
In this entertaining post, Tyler discusses how her father built a relationship with a daughter who lived hours away. While Tyler's situation may be a bit extreme, it brings up an interesting point: "Appropriate content" for books seems to be a bit more fuzzy than for movies (in my opinion, anyway). Think back to your childhood. Are there any books you may have read (for school or fun) that would not make a movie appropriate for that age? I can think of quite a few, and those are just the ones I remember.

Day 20- The Benefit of Reading Indie by Evelyn LaFont
LaFont created a video post to discuss the benefits of reading indie. As she wears her eccentric hat and smokes her fake pencil cigarette, she tells of the great freedom indie authors have with their writing and how that benefit translates to the readers.

There are still 23 days left in the Indie Summer Giveaway, so head on over, get signed up, and enjoy the wonderful posts that are still to come!

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