Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Random Facts

There is a fun little game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I've been poked by the lovely Laurel Mayer (@Laurel_Mayer). To play, you simply need to be poked by someone. Then you list 10 random facts about yourself and tag four more people. Here are my random facts. Hope you enjoy!

1. Gregory Grene, lead singer of The Prodigals, made googly eyes at me during a concert in a pub once. He's an attractive man, but that was just plain creepy.

2. I stopped eating red meat from the age of 12, when I unknowingly ate my favorite bull for lunch, until about the age of 25, when I tried steak for the first time and lost the battle. I now try to distance myself from cows I know are slated for the butcher, but I find myself failing miserably. They're all just so darn cute, but they also taste delicious. Conundrum!

3. I'm allergic to corn pollen, which I found out last year when I started picking sweet corn for my stepdad. It means I end up itchy and covered in a rash a couple days a week, but it's hard to pass up that extra cash (who doesn't love a wad of one-dollar bills in their pocket?).

Sisterly Love (Josie's on the right)
4. I have two cats, Josephine and Penelope. Josie is my shy girl. She hid in the furnace for three days when I brought her home (no idea how she got in there. Thank God it was summer).

5. If I could meet any fictional character, it would be Boba Fett. He is the most epic badass to ever exist. And there's something mega-sexy about a man in armor.

6. I had a calf named Baby Buttons when I was growing up. Her mother was extremely sick for months before she was born, so she was only about 30 pounds when she popped out. She was adorable.

7. City of Villains is my favoritest video game ever. I'll sign up and play for a month or two every year or so. Can't help myself.

8. I have a jagged scar under my nose from where my mom stabbed me in the face with a pointed shovel. No one call CPS, please. I was three and it was wintertime. We were digging snow tunnels (funny, I don't see those much anymore). One side was finished and I guess my cousins were supposed to be watching me or something. Mom was digging out the other side and she says I went in head first like a woodchuck. Needless to say, we didn't use that tunnel again. All I remember from that night is sitting on the table in the ER and the butterfly stitches the doctor gave me.

9. I have an orange iron, an orange coffee pot, an orange toaster, an orange purse, orange bedsheets, and about six things of orange nail polish. I like orange.

10. I have a lockbox sitting on my shelf, but I can't find the key. It's somewhere in a box, but it's so small, I'd have to empty all the boxes out to locate it. What's in the box is a mystery to me. Maybe someday I'll open it and finds wads of money (a girl can dream, right?).

Alrighty! Now for the fun part! I'm going to tag...

Carissa Elg
Merry Farmer
Rebecca Knight
Shéa MacLeod


  1. Hahaha! Awesome! I particularly like the snow tunnel scar... I had a very similar thing happen to me... (why DON'T we see those much anymore??)

  2. Right?? Kids these days just don't know how to have fun. I see snowmen, but no snow tunnels or forts. We used to have epic snow forts.(And do you know how fun it is to tell people my mom stabbed me in the face w/ a round-pointed shovel? She doesn't like me sharing, but I get a kick out of it!) :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I remember making snow tunnels as a kid. My young cousin made one across his driveway and when his dad came home from work that day he smashed into it... about 5 minutes after my cousin had stopped playing in it! 0_0

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  5. Oops, signed in with the wrong account! lol

    What I wanted to say was ...

    Totally agree about Boba Fett.

    Thanks for the tag! Er, poke?

  6. That's scary, Merry! All of our tunnels were in the massive snow piles my uncle would plow. It's really strange. Nowadays, I never see a snow pile as big as they were back then. Perception change or does it snow less?

    Shea, it's technically a tag, but if this were RL, I'd likely poke you instead. I'm a fan of poking people. It's more annoying. :)

  7. Cute kitties! :D

    Also corn pollen? Dang, girl.
    Bizarre allergies are the worst!

    Thanks for tagging me!

  8. Thanks, Rebecca! And yes, corn pollen allergies aren't much fun!

  9. Man, I've been looking for orange bedsheets forever! Jealous! Well, except for the corn allergy part. And the shovel to the face part... ;)

    Thanks for the laugh! I came over from Becca Knight's blog.

  10. Hi Tere! Thanks for stopping by! I got the bedsheets at Wal-Mart, actually. I like them a lot!


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