Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Power of Passive Promotion

I talk about passive promotion a lot. I've even guest-blogged about it on another blog before. I was reading Kristen Lamb's We Are Not Alone last night and she strongly encourages it. Some of you are probably thinking, "That's great. But what is passive promotion?"

By my definition, passive promotion is the act of promoting your books through relationships and interactions, not in-your-face promotion. It's having conversations on Twitter instead of just posting links to your books. It's responding to forum posts that don't necessarily relate to writing. It's getting involved in groups on Facebook and showing that you care about readers as people, not dollar signs (or euros, or goats, or whatever your payment of choice is). I know as a writer I have made sales because of it. And as a reader, I have purchased quite a few books I normally wouldn't have due to the relationships I've built.

So my question goes out to readers and writers alike. Readers, have you bought a book that you probably wouldn't have thought twice about due to the relationship you built with a writer? And if you did and liked it, share it with us! And writers, how have your relationships in social media affected your sales?


  1. Yes, I purchased a copy of a book I wouldn't normally have been interested in b/c I really liked the person's online kindness to others! I'm definitely influenced that way.

  2. Me too, Cidney! I just looked through my Kindle, and I think I've bought (or received from the wonderful authors themselves) about a dozen novels I probably wouldn't have looked at otherwise. Crazy! But telling. :)


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