Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Vampire Relationship Guide (Part 1)

The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and MatingI met Evelyn LaFont through Twitter (her handle is @keyboardhussy. You totally should follow her. She's awesome). When we first started chatting, I had no idea that she was writing a book, so when it came out, I was thrilled. The Vampire Relationship Guide (Part 1)is her debut novel.

Brief Summary: Josie is a 30-something woman who works in a bridal boutique. She spends her days and nights helping brides to be obsessed with tulle and lace. When her vampire mailman offers her an unexpected birthday present, Josie is thrown into a love triangle she never imagined. Caught between the dashing Gregory and the slightly off-kilter Walker, Josie must decide which vampire she wants to be with.

Why You Should Read It: LaFont writes a very entertaining, quick book. Gregory is the sexy vampire you expect in a novel such as this, but Walker offers his own endearing (though slightly quirky) qualities to the mix. Josie isn't your average vampire-chasing bimbo and she gives both men a run for their money. A light, entertaining read and I definitely look forward to the second installment in this series.

Rating: ☻☻☻☻

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