Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exercise Your Right to Read

It's Banned Book Week, the time to celebrate your right to read whatever the heck you want! From September 24th (that's today) through October 1st, show your support by reading one of the many books that have been banned over the decades. Can you believe The Lord of the Rings was once burned? It's the cornerstone of modern fantasy! Call of the Wild was banned in Italy and burned by the Nazis. Ok, that one I understand. Call of the Wild made me cry like a baby. I wanted to burn it, too. And who would want to ban Harry Potter? Crazy people! Twilight has been challenged, too, but probably not for the reasons I'd want to ban it. I kid, I kid... or do I?☻

The list of banned classics can be found here. Use the navigation on the side to find more recently banned books.

What is your favorite banned book? What will you be reading this week to support your right to read?

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  1. I would like the Vatican to release the Dead Sea scrolls that it's hanging onto. They belong to the world, not to someone trying to protect his own ideology! I would of course need to have them translated by people who don't have another agenda. Think of the royalties if one could only secure the rites!


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