Saturday, September 17, 2011

Please Help the Victims of Flood 2011

In 2006, upstate New York suffered through what was called the "500-year flood", meaning it had a 0.2% chance of ever happening in the first place. A week and a half ago, the same area was affected by flooding far worse, flooding not seen in nearly 100 years. 

The interstate running through the biggest local city was shut down for days, the mall flooded, several stores destroyed. At one point, the National Guard was following the main river as it overflowed, trying to relieve some of the torment the inhabitants of the floodplains were dealing with.

Petco, a national pet store chain, is now in the middle of an investigation after they reportedly allowed 100 animals to die when 4 feet of water rose inside.

Kids in schools throughout the area were sent home early from their very first day of school and most schools remained closed through the first week. Some are still closed a week and a half later. Entire corn crops were lost, bringing even further hardship to farmers already affected by a dreadful year.

My home is located at the top of a hill, thankfully, but hundreds in my town are struggling to deal with the disaster. On October 2, a benefit will be held for those who are still suffering from the effects of the flood. I will donate $1 for every one of my ebooks between now and then, and $3 for every print book.

If you would like to donate to the flood relief directly, the Red Cross is in desperate need of assistance.

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