Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The accent gets me every time
I'm going to let you folks in on a little secret that I've been trying to hide: I'm a gamer chick. For awhile, a couple years or so, I tried to deny it. When I play video games, I tend to do so at the detriment of everything else, especially when it comes to MMOs. In World of Warcraft, I was in a guild that was pretty hardcore, and it essentially became a second job. I felt like if I wasn't working or at school, I needed to be in the game. It was too much, so I foreswore all games, even my beloved Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Gaz is so yummy).

But now Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out. My first venture into the MMO genre was with SW: Galaxies, and though that ended up being an epic disaster, I cling to the hope that TOR will rock my virtual world. I simply cannot deny the call of another Star Wars MMO. I've already pre-ordered. I'm leaning toward Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent at the moment (yeah, I tend to cheer for the bad guys. I can't help myself). But this time, I'm going to play to have fun, not to please others. If it takes me ages to level up, so be it. I'll enjoy it while I do. I already have a job; the game is going to be my release, not my stressor.

So who else is going to join me in the fight against good? Or evil, if you swing that way, just know I will be coming after you with my full arsenal and pretty pink armor. 

And on that note, I'm going to go finish this book, so I can play Call of Duty and not feel guilty. I need my Gaz fix! 

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