Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Scramble

The last Saturday in November is today. Oh my! Where does the time go? As I eat leftover turkey, let's recap some great posts/sites I stumbled upon this week.

Anne McCaffrey has gone between
Tension or Frustration? Which does your book offer?
Was Hermione put in the right house? (Make sure you read the comments, too. They're so insightful!)
James Patterson's Read Kiddo Read (This site is great for parents struggling to get kids to open a book)

Only 4 more days to get your hands on a free copy of The Faithful Heart by Merry Farmer. All you have to do is buy The Loyal Heart and let me know! I read it this month and one of the characters has totally replaced Mr. Rochester as my favorite hero. Yes, it's that good. Merry is a wonderful storyteller and this unique take on the Robin Hood tale will leave you begging for the next book.


  1. Thanks for the Saturday Scramble. I'd like to know where the time goes, too. Seems like it's racing to get to your special day, huh?

  2. I loved the Hermione post, Samantha!
    Can't wait for the Scavenger Hunt...

  3. Racing it is, Lyn! It can slow down a bit if it wants. ;)

    I loved that post, too, Fabio. Hermione is one of my favorite HP characters by far.


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