Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my Birthday Blog Scavenger Hunt! Oh, we're having so much fun, aren't we? Now it's time for more questions and more prizes! Woohoo!

1. What's the name of the spooky mystery series that Lynn Kelley co-authors under the pseudonym BBH McChiller?
2. Which author first called Nancy a writer?
3. What unhappy discovery did Kristy James' father make while 'mushroom hunting'?
4. What is the title of the first book Coleen Patrick ever wrote?
5. What item used to hold prime real estate in Debra Kristi's family room?

 Remember, email me the answers before 11:59 pm EST in order to be qualified for the prizes below. Random winners will be drawn from those who answer all questions correctly. Include your top two prize choices from the list below in your email. To be included in the drawing for the Grand Prize, you must answer all questions from all days correctly. See the official Scavenger Hunt post for more info and the blog list.

Daily Prizes:
2 copies of Trio of Haunting Tales by Lynn Kelley
Kiss Me, Dancer by Alicia Street and Roy Street


  1. Awesome scavenger hunt Samantha--thanks for including me!!

  2. Happy to have you on board, Coleen! :)


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