Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Day 6

Here it is. The last day of my 20s. But more importantly, it's the last day of the scavenger hunt! Make sure you get all answers to me today for all of the questions to be entered into the drawing for the grand prize. And someone help me eat all this extra cake, please!

1. What pilot breaks the warp 10 barrier and becomes a lizard-creature?
2. What is a Writing Hijacker?
3. What kind of car does Jennette Marie Powell drive?
4. Debra Kristi has revealed the name of one character from the story she is currently working on. What is the name of that character?
5. Kristy's twenty+ pound cat, Sam, has two favorite snacks...what are they?

Remember, email me the answers before 11:59 pm EST in order to be qualified for the prizes below. Random winners will be drawn from those who answer all questions correctly. Include your top two prize choices from the list below in your email. To be included in the drawing for the Grand Prize, you must answer all questions from all days correctly. See the official Scavenger Hunt post for more info and the blog list.

Daily Prizes:
A beautiful set of sconces donated by the wonderful Debra Kristi
Time's Enemy by Jennette Marie Powell

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  1. Oh, what cool prizes! You've had some awesome treasures in your Scavenger Hunt, Samantha.


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