Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Post: Asrai Devin Interviews Corey Porter

I was talking through guest post ideas with Asrai awhile back, and we came up with the idea for her to interview one of her characters. Since she's writing a short story to go with her Up In Flames series, she chose Corey Porter. Enjoy!

So, here is a short interview with Corey Porter.

Asrai Devin: How do you feel about your family, now that you’re an adult?

Corey Porter: It was difficult for me to forgive my mother, I blamed her for a lot of years for forcing me to live with Roger. But she had no idea what had happened. With Nicole, I feel as if I'm a different person. All the anger I carried around for so long is just gone. My mom and sister love Nicole and my mom loves her new position as Grandma to Tanner and Jessa. And they love her. I do have trouble sharing them with their father, I wish he would just disappear so they could be mine. But I do love the child free weekends. I suppose that could end eventually.

AD: What do you want from life?

CP: I couldn't ask for anything more than I have now. I'm still working on being loved. I'm just incredibly content with life. I have the best freaking job on the planet. I have the love of the most amazing woman I know. People tell me I'm still in the honeymoon phase and it will wear off, but I feel like it will last forever. Sometimes, I come home and sit there with Nicole beside me, the kids on the floor or talking to me and I'm stunned. I'm stunned that I have this family. I never thought I would have that.

AD: Do you ever miss your old life?

CP: Hell no. I couldn't be given anything that would make me want to go back. I love having someone to come home to, whenever it is that I get to come home. I have the best job in the world, and now the best family. If things get any better, I might explode. It's so good, it scares the hell out of me sometimes. But when I get scared I tell Nicole, who tells me she already knows, and as long as I can hold her I know everything will be okay.

AD: What are your future plans?

CP: To keep playing hockey as long as I can. When that ends, I'm just going to relax and enjoy my time with Nic and the kids.

AD: Do you plan to confront your father?

Even if I wanted to, no one knows where he is. But sometimes I still fear that I'm turning into him, that I would pass his taint onto my own children. If someone asked me I would say I've left it all behind. Only Nicole knows the truth, that his legacy haunts me and somedays it holds me back.

AD: Now that you are with Nicole do you still see Kip, Mandy and Colton?

CP: I'm probably not there as much as I used to be (much to Mandy's relief I'm sure, though she would never say it). since Tanner and Colton are best friends, I see him regularly and we with Kip have a regular guy's night out thing. I see too much of Kip since we work together and he's a pain in the ass. He thinks, because he's been married awhile and I'm just starting out with my relationship, that he knows everything and loves to give me advice. Mandy's busy with the new baby now, so I avoid her as much as possible. She keeps wanting me to hold the damn thing.

AD: Were you serious about proposing to Nicole and having children?

CP: Sometimes I'm ready to do it all right now, just put everyone on a plane to Vegas type thing. And sometimes, I am so scared that I'm going to screw up that I regret not keeping my own apartment. And yes my mom asks how long she has to wait.

Want to read more from Asria? Check our her blog! 

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  1. Great interview with Corey, Asrai! He sounds like a pretty good guy...who finally got what he deserves in life. A good family.

    Don't you just love interviewing characters? I often do that when creating them so I can get to know them better. It kind of makes me feel like I have a multiple personality disorder, but that's okay. Anything to get the story written! :)


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