Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm So Freaking Excited!

I'm so thrilled about the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Old Republic that I'm literally bouncing around the house. Sure, it's still a good three weeks away, but I can't help myself! I found out recently that some of my absolute favorite people ever will be playing and they're going to be nice and let me play with them! I haven't seen some of these guys since my SWG days, so I'm totally stoked to finally get to play with them again. I was tempted to cancel my pre-order, but then I found out how many of them will be playing and I have to play now. I can't pass this chance up.

I wasn't able to play during beta weekend, but I've been doing a good bit of research and I think I'm settled on Trooper (Commando). DPS and healing combined into one, which is what I tend to go for. Plus, you get a BFG. Who doesn't love a BFG, right?

Will you be playing SW:TOR? What class are you leaning toward? Are you going to be a good guy or will you join the dark side? 


  1. My husband is drooling over this game, but we both play World of Warcraft and can't really afford the time or money for a second MMOG. Depending on how good it turns out to be, we might switch over, but we pretty attached to WoW.

    Your new logline is fun :)

  2. I haven't played WoW in probably 3 years now. I thought I'd never play another MMO, but once I saw the roster for this game, I was instantly hooked. Plus, it's Star Wars. Can't pass that up. :)

    Thanks! I'm quite attached to it already. :)

  3. Okay, I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to these games. I have to confess that I was wondering why I hadn't heard the buzz about the new Star Wars movie! Haha! Am I aging myself? Yep!

  4. Speaking of Star Wars movies... 3D in February! OMGOMGOMG!!

  5. I don't own a next-gen console or a Windows PC, but the previes for this looked truly amazing. I'll have to live vicariously through others, though.

  6. Did you watch the Setting videos? They're freaking awesome. I'm buzzing with excitement. I can't wait! I'll record some videos of my awesome trooperness for you. :)


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