Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here I Come To Save The Day!

I'm going to springboard off Tuesday's Give Me Fire or Give Me Death and keep discussing superheroes. I love superheroes, but really, who doesn't? They're awesome. They get to do the things we always wanted to do but never could. Most of them have crazy powers and risk their lives for the greater good.

There are the classic superheroes, like Spiderman, Batman, Superman. Everyone has heard those names and recognizes the significance behind them. When I was growing up, we lived in a large farmhouse (where I still am) with much of my extended family. One of those people was my uncle. I still remember a poster he had on his wall. It was from the old Superman show, depicting a baby Superman lifting a truck. (Took a bit, but I actually found the picture)
That may have been my first experience with superheroes. Since then, many more have crossed my path through movies, comics, television, books, and any other media they can sneak into, but one still sits firmly in my mind. No, it's not Superman.

Mighty Mouse is indelibly etched in my brain as the most awesomest superhero ever. I would come home from school and plop myself in front of the television for half an hour of the best flying mouse the world has ever seen. He may well have been my first animation crush (but that's another blog post).

What is the first memory you have of superheroes? Who is your favorite? Do you have a least favorite?
*All images borrowed from Wiki sites*


  1. I know I mentioned this on your first superhero post, but my first superhero experience was with the show Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. My brother and I would get up super excited every Saturday morning to watch. It included Spiderman (obviously) but also Firestar and Iceman. To be honest, I liked Firestar and Iceman a lot more than I liked SpiderMan :)

  2. NO ONE ELSE I KNOW likes Mighty Mouse! You rule.

    "Don't Touch That Dial" from Mighty Mouse is one of the most formative pieces of animation in my life. Actually, I think my first memory of superheroes is also a Bakshi creation -- when I was a kid, the local supermarket had a sort of animation kiosk where kids could sit and watch cartoons. The show I saw was "The Mighty Heroes"

  3. I agree, Marcy. Spiderman has never been one of my favorite superheroes for some reason.

    Mighty Mouse is the most awesomest superhero ever, Daniel! I found a dvd for a buck in a Wal-mart checkout line once, so now I have the series. It's awesome.


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