Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Your Obsession?

I'm not a hoarder;
I'm a collector.

 For some, it's ceramic cats on shelves. Others prefer teacups or baby dolls, but almost everyone I know collects something. It's the accumulation of stuff that is near and dear to our hearts, whether we realize it or not.
Ms. Evil collects creepy felines
Image courtesy of Wikia

You may know exactly what it is you collect, but you may be thinking "I'm not a collector." Look around you, though. Do you find that certain items just manage to multiply? Maybe you have an inordinate number of old cell phones. You don't use them anymore. You don't need them. But you're loathe to get rid of them. Maybe it's boxes of tea (I have those).

I've always claimed I wasn't a collector until one day I looked around and realized my socks wouldn't fit in my sock drawer anymore and I had more notebooks than one human could possibly use. Pens, especially colored ones, seem to be falling out of random places and why on earth do I need so many paperclips? So I stand here before you today and proudly declare:


In creating this blog, I also realized I collect pictures. My camera has so many of them, it takes forever to load up. Maybe it's time to do a little camera cleaning. 

A very, very, very small sampling of my super awesome sock collection

A small collection of notebooks. There's even one hanging on the wall!

A few of my Star Wars toys. Notice how Boba Fett outnumbers the others?

Have you discovered that you're an unintentional collector? What odd items tend to accumulate around you? Do you have any intentional collections?


  1. Yep, we all do it. Mine collection seems to be small notebooks with a few notes in them, hair elastics which can be found everywhere in the house, dogs of course (including dust bunnies, and in more recent years, reading glasses. sigh

  2. Sunglasses! I have a hard time finding ones that fit (most are too big), so I snap them up when I find one that does. So I have stashes of sunglasses in the armrest console of my car, in the armrest console of my old car (which my daughter now drives), in a drawer in my bathroom(??), on the shelf where I put my purse at night. At least I stick to cheap ones.

  3. I seem to be collecting fuzzy pets now, too, Prudence. I still only have 3 cats and a rabbit, but it's slowly growing.

    I have a problem with regular glasses, Jenn. I get mine online so I can get them fairly cheap. Every time my favorite website has a BOGO sale, it's exercises my willpower bone. :P

  4. When I was a kid I used to collect beverage glasses from amusement parks, museums, etc. It was incredibly hard to display, dust and move (my dad was in the military)---and I seemed to lose a few at every move. But I remember it being fun to have that one specific souvenir to look for wherever I went. :)

  5. Oh yeah, the collections of things we have to have. I collect magnets and shot glasses, mainly because they're cheap and easily transportable souvenirs from places I've visited. But there's also the thousands for books, Christmas ornaments, and, well I could go on.

    Perhaps we could form a support group!

    Hi, my name is Patricia, and I'm a collector!

    Nice socks by the way!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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