Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You're Entitled To Your Beliefs

 As long as you agree with me

There is something that has been bothering me lately. A lot. So much so that I can't sleep at night. We have here in America what we like to refer to as "Freedom of speech". With the prevalence of the internet and other influences, this has stretched throughout the world. People are free to speak their minds and share their thoughts.

But I've noticed a severe lack of this going on. No, the government isn't the issue. It's my fellow humans. If you disagree with someone, a lot of people will make it their duty to pester, strongarm, berate, belittle, or whatever it takes to make you agree with them. It's dangerous to share your opinion these days. I have a friend who recently wrote a blog based on an article she found, and she is receiving some very nasty comments and is actually afraid for her safety. All for sharing her opinion. Most of the blog wasn't even about her opinion. It was about the article, but instead of attacking the article, she is being attacked.

Honestly, sometimes I'm afraid to admit that I'm a Christian, that I believe in God and Jesus Christ, his son. People make some very nasty comments about Christians, generalizations based on a very small handful that do no represent the rest of us. Same goes for politics. Heaven forbid you not agree with what the current popular opinion is in America. Don't agree with gay marriage? You're a horrible awful person who doesn't deserve to speak. And dare to suggest that democracy may not always be the answer? Prepare to be hanged. (That may be another blog post, but we'll see if I have the gonads for it.)

I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make here, because I know most of the people reading this blog are not like those people I described above. They're caring, they are happy to respect others' opinions, and they don't shun someone just because they don't see eye-to-eye on everything. So thank you to those people. And the ones who want to berate me and tear me a new one because I don't agree with you? Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to find other blogs where they agree with you 100% all the time. Good luck with that.


  1. If everyone would always agree on everything, there wouldn't really be anything for anyone to say. I think the tipping point is where you start doing personal attacks instead of discussing the subject. People also like to talk in stereotypes — it's convenient and up to the point, but not the full truth of anything.

    I am a bit shocked to hear you're against gay marriage, and can't help but think you don't necessarily understand it fully, since you talk about homosexuality as a choice. Since you're a Christian I understand that it goes against your morals, but it doesn't give you the right to regulate what others do. I'm not sure if you meant that you're against gay marriage as in it shouldn't be allowed or as in you wouldn't do it. I'm assuming the first.

    You're right, that not many dare to open up in the internet about their faith, and it's sad. But I hope you can see, how atheist have to endure that in their real lives, surrounded by people, who don't accept anyone who doesn't believe. I can understand, that lots of people get a lot from believing and I'm not trying to take that away from anyone (I identified as a new-born Christian once).

    The problem with Christians however forcing their beliefs on others and trying to regulate a whole country by their beliefs is where the problem arises and that's why there's so many angry people. Your beliefs are ok to affect those who share your faith, but don't try to ruin the life of others with the morals you think are the only right ones.

  2. Good for you for opening your mind and posting your beliefs! We do have a right to free opinion. If that's not an amendment of the constitution it damn well should be. Free opinions for all!!

    I also believe in God and am not afraid to say it. People who trash other people are very small-minded and weak.

    Congratulations on being strong and broad-minded!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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