Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Female Action Star

Image courtesy of Underworld on Facebook
I was on Facebook the other day (shocking, I know) and I saw a post by Underworld. It said something along the lines of "Like this post if you think Kate Beckinsale is the best female action hero."  She's awesome, so I automatically went to click the button, but as my mouse hovered over that often overused link, I thought "Is she really the best?" My answer was an astounding "No."

Action movies are no longer the domain of men alone. In my last post, I mentioned how Hollywood is finally noticing this. Most of my female friends love action movies and there are some pretty amazing women who are taking top roles in them.

Image courtesy of Resident Evil on Facebook
 Milla Jovovich blew audiences away in Resident Evil and its many sequels. I remember first seeing her in The Messenger and really enjoying her performance, though I will admit, she was a bit cheesy. But she's not my favorite, either. Who is?

Michelle Rodriguez is by far my favorite female action star. She tends to get the lesser roles in movies, but she takes any job she's given and does the absolute best she can. She refuses to compromise herself and take weak characters just because they're higher up on the pay scale and let's face it, she is pretty bad ass and deserves a matching role.

Do you agree with my assessments? I can think of quite a few others, but who is your favorite female action star?

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