Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sensational Media Strikes Again

By now I'm sure you've all heard of the "ZOMG, how dare you tell our little precious baby bumpkins that they're not special" speech from David McCullough, Jr. In said speech, he told the 2012 graduates of Wellesley High School that they were "not special" a total of nine times. Upon first hearing this, I did the same thing that I'm sure everyone else did; I gasped. He told the kids they weren't special?


Then I actually listened to his message. The video is below, so you can judge for yourself, but I found him quite entertaining and refreshing. His message was not meant to attack the children who had voted to have him speak. No, it was to encourage them and prod them to be the best they can be. McCullough, son of author David McCullough, actually drew laughter from the audience through most of his speech as he told the graduates that they needed to put aside the carebear, everyone-is-wonderful ideas that they had been raised with and work to become productive, upstanding citizens. He pleaded with them to be caring human beings, think for themselves, and become special.  

But, as usually happens, sensational media grabbed hold of and clung to that one phrase he used: You are not special. Rather than sharing the true message, news broadcasters everywhere started bashing Mr. McCullough Jr. for his "harsh words". So much so that he was forced to go on CBS This Morning to defend himself.  Instead of focusing on the graduates and the message, the focus is on McCullough and a phrase that wasn't important to his speech. So I am here to share his message, in big, bold letters.

Selflessness is the best thing to do for yourself.

What did you think of Mr. McCullough's speech? Was he off the mark, or is sensational media going too far?


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