Sunday, July 29, 2012


Tottenham and Liverpool played in Baltimore Saturday. I had a front row seat, right near the player entrance to the field.  There was a lot of red in the crowd. Of the 43,000 people there, I'd say at least 2/3 were Liverpool fans. But that's alright. We Spurs supporters held our own. Somebody wore an Arsenal shirt in the THFC section. He provided entertainment for many of the rowdier gentlemen. It was a good goalless game considering temperatures were up around 100 and the players looked like they just wanted to take a nap. The refs didn't even add any extra minutes, as they were as hot and sweaty as everyone else. Got to see some new acquisitions play and cheer on familiar faces. All in all, a good day. <3 my Spurs!

Friedl, former goalie for Team USA. The fans loved watching him play at home, but most of the time he looked like he wanted us to shut up. (Kidding, Brad... not really)
Bale with his bottle (and #9? WTF?)
The line-ups. Check out all that red in the background. Where's the Lilywhite??
Bale in his favorite position: @$$ to grass. To be fair, it was a very nasty tackle by Charlie Adam and if Bale is out for another 3 months, Adam better watch his back.

The REAL Kyle Naughton. Some drunk Aussie spent half the game claiming that the guy in Naughton's shirt wasn't really him because the "real" Naughton had a mohawk. Have another one, buddy.
Andy Carroll took some good-natured ribbing from one of my neighbors, but instead of ignoring him like the rest did, he flashed a big grin and waved. Not a bad fella, if you ask me. Plus, he's pretty freaking hot. Love the hair, no matter what anyone says.
By the middle of the second half, both sides had subbed out pretty much their entire teams. Good thing, too, or the boys stuck on the field for 90 might have melted.
Time for a free kick. Who's gonna take it? Siggy? Kane?
Nope. Bentley. And he missed. I'm pretty sure that every time he touched the ball, we lost it. I thought we were supposed to be selling "The Next Beckham". Why is he still here?
Tired and ready for some cool showers, the boys gave us a hand, but refused to stop for autographs. And Brad finally gave us a smile! We knew you could do it, Brad!

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