Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gamer Girls Lend Me Your Ears!

I haven't taken my official photo yet, so I cheated for now. This is my main in SWTOR

Gamer girls, lend me your ears (and photos)!!

In August, I will be doing a blog series about female gamers and I want to include you! At the end of the series, I'm going to do a compilation of all the photos I get. What do I want in the photo? Well, YOU, of course. Also a sign that says "I am a gamer" and/or your favorite video game. Feel free to get creative, but please remember that my blog is PG-13, so keep it decent.

Email pictures to samantha@samantha-warren.com. They need to be received by August 20th to be included.

I am also looking for anyone interested in reviewing newly released games or previewing soon-to-be released games, and/or those who have an idea for a blog related to female gamers (no rants as I want this to be a positive experience). Just send me a message/tweet/email! Thanks bunches!

There also might be a prize involved, maybe along the lines of Call of Duty: Black Ops or Guild Wars 2. Stay tuned for more information!

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