Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet the Stars: Edith Myers

Today I have the wonderful star of The Seven Keys of Alaesha with me. Edith is a girl of seventeen who has found herself transplanted into yet another school against her wishes.

Me: Welcome, Edith. How are you this morning?

Edith Myers: *glares*

Me: I see. So you had your first day of class yesterday at your new school. How was it?

EM: Awful.


Me: Alrighty then. Edith, what is your favorite book?

EM: The Two Towers.

Me: Ah, Tolkien. Can't go wrong there. Why The Two Towers specifically? Most people just name the whole series.

EM: It spotlights my favorite characters and has  my favorite battles.

Me: I'm inclined to agree. It's always been one of my favorites, too. So what do you do when you're not at school?

EM: Read. Watch TV. That's about it.

Me: Reading is not a bad hobby to have. What's your favorite television show?

EM: Jeopardy

Me: Excellent choice. Favorite movie?

EM: Meet Me in St. Louis

Me: The musical?

EM: *nods*

Me: Interesting. Wonderful movie, though. Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

EM: No. Look, I have to finish Wuthering Heights for English class. Can I go now?

Me: Uh, sure. Thanks for stopping by.

So there she is, the loquacious star of my upcoming YA fantasy The Seven Keys of Alaesha, coming October 1st.

Edith Myers has just about had enough. Her first day at a new school and she already has an enemy – Dana Blake, head cheerleader, tormenter, typical prom queen. But when Edith discovers a strange key, she finds herself embroiled in an inter-dimensional war. She and Dana must find a way to work together, or it could spell the end of the other world, and theirs.

Charles has spent centuries protecting the doors to his homeworld, Alaesha, but when he meets Edith, the quiet, quirky girl who stumbled upon a key, he must decide between saving his way of life and saving her.

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