Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Yurtcation, a new friend, and a launch

Hello fellow readers, writers, and other humanoids! I know, I've cut back on blogs a lot in the past couple months. While they're fun to write most of the time, I found myself spending too much time figuring out what to do for the blog and not enough time focusing on the writing, which is what I really need to be doing. Fear not, I will still be posting here, just not nearly at the same frequency. So what's in store for today? A little glimpse into the past, present, and future!

The Past
A couple weeks ago, I took a mini writing vacation to get The Iron Locket finished. I like taking a couple mini vacations a year. Getting away from it all helps me clear my head, destress, and come back a little less crazy. Just a little. When I was deciding where to go this time, I stumbled across a cute little place a couple hours away.

Have you ever been in a yurt? It's a tent, a very big, very stable tent that isn't likely to blow away in a strong wind. This one was gorgeous. The inside was HUGE, bigger than many apartments I've seen. It had a separate bathroom and master bedroom, and it had this adorable loft where you could look out through the glass dome at the top to see the stars. The loft was a little scary since you had to go up this really steep ladder to get to it, but I'm sure kids would love it.

This was a wonderful getaway. It's really close to the owners' house, but Michelle and her father George are super helpful. They leave local coffee in the fridge and organic local chocolate on the table for you. During the summer when the garden is in full bloom, you can pick from the garden and gather eggs from the chicken coop. If you have kids, this place is ideal. Not only is it set up for them, but Michelle has children of her own so there is a playground and other fun toys to use. Fancy a walk? The famed Ithaca Gorges are just down back through the woods (follow the fox).

The Present
In awesome news, I have a new friend. His name is Mr Hugo Cadberry I of the Egghollow Cadberries. He comes from a very long and distinguished line of Cadberry bunnies and is a big sweetheart to boot.
The Future

And now for the big news! The Iron Locket is almost ready and is out for ARC reviews right now! On April 18th, we'll celebrate its release with a fun all-day event, The Iron Locket Launch Party! There will be trivia, sneak peeks, and lots and lots of prizes! There will be jewelry, books, gift cards, and much more! The main giveaway will be available here on the blog, but most of the smaller prizes will be awarded through Facebook. Head on over and sign up for the launch party to get in on the fun!


  1. Hey Sam :) has the winner been pick for this amazing giveaway?

  2. I just picked. Traci York is the winner!


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