Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: Romance Novel

PJ Jones is an author who posts on, which is where I found Romance Novel. I've been eying it for some time, as its sexy cover just draws you in. Don't tell me Flabio doesn't make you go weak in the knees (I'm kidding... maybe).

Brief Summary: Romance Novel was a wonderfully entertaining spoof on the paranormal romance genre. Poor Smella Rosepetal, the virgin romance heroine whose baby is suffering from demonic possession (or is it heart trouble?) needs an operation to save his life. So Smella, loving mother that she is, goes on a search for a rich cowboy to marry. Little does she know that she will be torn between Deadward Forest, rich vampire, or Snake Long, poor were-gerbil. A very compelling love triangle, indeed.

Why You Should Read It: Nothing so lame as sparkly vampires in this novel, though. No, only the best for Romance Novel--vegan, environmentalist vampires ruled the roost. They only eat suburban-driving soccer moms and animals that aren't cute. Flabio makes an excellent villain with his faulty thyroid and desire to be a romance novel cover model. This novel is quick, entertaining, and will keep you laughing. I do NOT recommend you read it in a doctor's office or church. You might get some funny looks.

Rating: ☻☻☻☻☻


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