Saturday, July 16, 2011

Please Leave

Please leave me alone
I don't like you
I wish I never did
You made me feel like garbage
Like I did when I was a kid
Your presence is poisonous
It's really not fair
You made me feel like I was nothing
And no one seems to care
You've made your point. I'm worthless
I get it. You can go
Why do you keep showing up here?
Really, I don't want to know
You act like nothing happened
Like we're still friends
How can you stomach that?
How can you pretend?
I've tried to get past it
To move on with my day
But you're there every time I turn around
You just won't go away
I get it. I'm a loser
People like you better than me
I would love it if you'd go now
Will you please just leave?

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