Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-on for Kindle

I don't normally review accessories I use for my Kindle. That's probably because the only accessories I had were a cover (which works alright) and the purse I made. After the power went out one night, though, I decided to buy a light to go with it. I am so glad I went with this light. It's perfect. The light is nice and clear and the neck is extremely flexible so you can adjust it to remove glare easily.

There are two LEDs, so you can up the power if you want. I only use one LED and it's plenty bright enough. It operates off three AAA batteries. I've only had it a short while, so I can't testify to battery life, but I hear it's pretty decent. Using only one light will surely help with that, too.

Some of the reviews I read before purchasing complained about how the light was heavy and bulky. I can honestly say I don't understand either of those complaints. I don't notice a significant weight difference at all. And it's definitely not bulky. I used it for about half an hour and forgot it was even there after a few minutes.

Five stars!

Edit: I also wanted to add that this light is a fantastic flashlight! I went camping this last weekend and used it to find the mosquitoes that were biting me in the middle of the night and also for a potty break.  Clipped it to my bra and it became hands-free!

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