Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Turn of Destiny (Part 1)

I'm starting a new series of short stories. I'll be posting them here on occasion when I get them written. Enjoy!

"Come in, my children. Come in."

The old woman stood in the doorway to the tent, her wrinkled fingers bent with age as she beckoned the two teenagers to her. The blond girl giggled and tugged on her friend's sleeve.

"Come on. Let's go in. It'll be fun!"

Her friend with the black ponytail held back. "I don't know, Heather. That stuff always weirds me out. I mean, look at her. She's creepy."

Despite the girl's attempt to be discreet, she saw the old woman's knowing smile grow larger, revealing yellowing cracked teeth.

"Don't be shy, my pretties. It's just make believe, after all, no? You don't believe in destiny, so what could it hurt to see what my fake crystal ball has to say?"

Heather tugged harder, her voice growing sharp with veiled embarrassment. "Stop being such a baby, Mindy."

When Mindy still resisted, Heather dropped her arm. "Fine, you stay out here. I'm going in."

She tossed her blond curls away from her face and squared her shoulders, defying the fear tingling in her belly. As the woman lowered her head and stepped to the side, Heather took a deep breath and walked through the door.

The Gypsy woman waggled a bejeweled finger at Mindy, a mixture of disappointment and amusement on her face. "You shall regret this decision, girl. Make note of that. I fain would give you advice for your coming trials, but I cannot force you."

With that, she ducked inside the tent, closing the heavy flap firmly behind her.

Mindy paced about the packed dirt that served as a roadway in front of the tent. A hand-painted sign stood to one side: Fortune-telling, Palm Readings, Destiny Come True

"Destiny come true? What does that mean?" Mindy frowned and looked about her. The yearly carnival was in full swing. Vendors of all sorts hawked their wares, trying to get the citizens of the little town to buy everything from fried mosquitoes to leather parasols. Mindy had never much been one for the wasteful spending that often came with the event. Every fall she would tag along with Heather, but Heather usually did all the buying, aside from the occasional meal or drink.

Mindy looked back at the purple tent in front of her. A hand went absently to the money tucked inside her front jean pocket.

"Destiny come true...." she mumbled.

Her eyes flitted to the closed flap, then back to the other vendors. People milled about, oblivious to the turmoil roiling in her belly. Taking a deep breath, Mindy steeled her nerves, then stepped through the flap into to the unknown.

To be continued...

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  1. Very intriguing. Can't wait to see where this goes next :)


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