Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sun-Fried Chicken Fruit - The Power of Dreams

Some of you are probably too baffled to even mutter a confused "What??", right? Well, it made perfect sense to me at 3am one night when I typed it into the note on my phone that I use for story ideas. When I woke up the next morning, I had no idea what it meant or what the dream was, but hey, it makes a good blog title.

Miss Penelope chitters in her sleep.
Does she dream about chasing squirrels?
Or zombie rabbits?

Some dreams scare the crap out of me, though, like the two recurring dreams I had as a child. The first was after we learned about Iroquois longhouses. In the dream, my family tended three volcanoes, putting a drop of something in each. One day, a mermaid came out of a volcano. She was beautiful, but quickly turned into a ginormous octopus that ate my family. Not cool. The second dream was courtesy of Jurassic Park. It took place in a very vivid re-creation of the field across from my house with a t-rex that I simply could not escape.

The smell of burning rubber reminds me of dinosaurs running around a gymnasium (no idea why, but I know it's from a dream). Recent dreams have included zombie werewolves, which is actually an awesome idea and I'm claiming it right now for a future book. =) Other dreams have caused me to wake up mad at my mom for something she didn't actually do or with tears on my pillow. They can affect my mood for the day, both positively and negatively.

Dreams can be extremely powerful things, and they can provide excellent story fodder if they make even the least bit of sense. Feel free to share your crazy/scary/sad/funny dreams. Someone might be able to use them in a story one day, and it will all be thanks to you and your subconscious.


  1. Dreams can be as rewarding as they can be frightening. I once dreamed I was a writer, both rewarding and frightening, since I was a fitness trainer who wanted to write.
    The dream notebook is an awesome idea, might just try it out.
    Thanks, Prudence

  2. The dream notebook is awesome for two reasons. 1) I usually can't remember my dreams once I'm awake too long, 2) Even if they make no sense in the morning (aka: sun-fried chicken fruit), they're fun to look over.

  3. Oh, I think I might be the queen of weird dreams. The other night, I had a dream my husband was having an affair...with me. Apparently, there were two of me and he was, uh, two-timing me with the other me. Not sure I even want to know what that means.

    BTW, when you write your story about zombie-werewolves, I've got to read it!

  4. It's one of the options for my NaNo project! Make sure you vote on my FB page. :)

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with dreams. Often they're just like an interesting story, and I'm aware that I'm dreaming, just kind of watching it in my sleep. Those are the ones I can never remember when I wake up, only that they were really good and I'm sorry to not only have it be over, but a little annoyed that I can't recall even one tiny detail.

    Others scare me so much they wake me up, and then I'm afraid to fall asleep for fear the dream will pick up right where it left off. Things I see or read are generally the cause, and my daughter had fun laughing at me not too long ago because I saw something so frightening in a television program that I refused to go to bed without the bathroom light on. And this went on for days. Guess my brain must have thought it would prevent the scene from becoming part of my dreams. Didn't work. :)

    But mostly I just dream about weird things. Like the night I was riding a bike with my mom on the back...peddling for all I was worth, and not getting anywhere. Those kinds of dreams cause you to wake up and not feel rested at all, lol.

  6. I had a dreams the last couple nights that had that effect. In my dreams, I was irritated and upset and I didn't wake up feeling rested at all. I honestly prefer my zombie werewolf dreams to those dreams.


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