Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Scramble

This was my morning scramble. Yum!
This is a new weekly post I'm going to start where I'll list my favorite blogs/articles for the week. I usually retweet them throughout the week, but this will make all those awesome posts so much easier to find. Enjoy!

Bring Out Your Dead -Merry Farmer An interesting look at the Black Death
Comfort Food: Chili - Dana Britt Nom nom
Firefly Friday - Angela Quarles This is a neat new thing where Angela uses one of my favorite TV shows to illustrate writing tips.
Amazon Takes On Publishers
A Healthy Alternative to Drugs: Burnt Toast (This was from last week, but it's really interesting.)

So there ya go! My favorite reads this week.

And here are some other neat things that happened this week:
-John Locke followed me on Twitter (And it wasn't an auto-follow, because I wasn't following him. Cool, huh?)
-Vampire Assassin (which is free) was downloaded 10190 times on Amazon.
-Jane (Vampire Assassin Books 2-4) sold 147 copies in it's first week and a half.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you're liking Firefly Friday-- seeing posts like this make me feel like I'm not talking to just the "internets" :D

  2. It's my pleasure, Angela! Thanks for such a wonderful post. :)


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