Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time to Vote!

Last week, I asked you all to help name one of my characters in the upcoming Jane novella. The submissions are in and now it's time to pick your favorite! Just put your favorite name in the comments. The winner will receive an acknowledgement in Jane Vol 2 and a signed copy. I will also choose a random winner from the voters to receive a signed copy! So get voting!

Name: Austin
Gender: Male
Background: Hispanic-American, family came to America the generation before his, he was born here. They lived in Texas and liked the name Austin (maybe the first city they settled in?), so they named their first-born son after the city. He kind of looks down on his parents and thinks they are pretty uneducated (he's condescending to them a lot), and resents his name, but still loves them (and his younger sister), and respects his heritage and their determination to come to America.

Name: Donovan
Gender: Male
Background: Born in Ireland, then moved to America at a young age with his family. The name Donovan is Irish meaning "Dark Warrior" as it suits his personality to a tee. He is implosive and never backs down from anything. Although he knows that family is everything and will protect them at any cost. When he transforms into the wolf his fur is an amazing Blue-black colour that glistens in the moon light. His music taste is pretty much anything he can work out too. He does a lot of exercise as it helps keep himself calmer so he wont lose control of his "rage" (rage is the feeling of anger that only happens before the full moon, which werewolves can't control completely). 

Name: Alexandre
Gender: Male
Background Info: His family comes from Brazil, but he was born in the US. He cares for his family, but his parents’ indecisiveness and his older sister’s who-cares attitude exasperate him. He is very careful not to succumb to rage, and he regrets the times when he wasn’t able to control himself. He is wise-cracking and funny when in public, but the humor masks his feelings. He sometimes has impossible crushes that leave him devastated afterward. He likes folk rock, and movies like “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Into The Wild”. He’s also a little bookish. He’s not very athletic, but he is a superb runner. His fur has a chocolate tone, peppered with gray near the paws. He has amber eyes that show a sad look when in wolf form.


  1. (small voice) Austin (Looks around) Who said that!? (halo) :-)

    Actually no I'd have to say Donovan too... who can resist a good Irishman...
    :-D (Scrubs clip)


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