Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best. Commercial. Ever

What more can I say? This is the best car commercial, and possibly the best commercial ever. By the way, you've just been Vader-rolled. Oh yeah.


 And if you haven't seen the blooper reel, be prepared to laugh your butt off. That kid gets my vote for best mini-Vader in a commercial, for sure.

What's your favorite commercial? Do you have a commercial that gets stuck in your head all day? Isn't min-Vader just the cutest thing ever??


  1. i love this commercial too! :) so sweet!

  2. Oh yeah, definitely the best car commercial ever. The kid rocks.

  3. Right?? He/she (I always assume it's a boy, but it could definitely be a girl) has a great future ahead of them. They clearly have a wonderful sense of humor already.

  4. I loved that commercial from the first time I saw it. Thanks for also posting the outtakes, as that was a great reel as well.

    One of my past favorite commercials was also for VW, but this time for the Beetle:

  5. Doug, that's an awesome commercial. I've never seen it before. I also wish that guy had been my uncle! :)

  6. Love that commercial. It was the cutest thing ever. Dad was so sweet. :)


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